StormTech Chamber Attenuation

Resolute Engineering Group are proud specialist providers of Stormtech Attenuation systems in Ireland. The range of StormTech chambers have been subjected to advanced in-ground testing and high-level industry expert review. 

StormTech’s range initial were the SC-310 and the SC-740 in 2002, since then range has been expanded to include SC-160LP, the SC-310, the SC-740, the DC-780, the MC-3500 and the MC-4500. The SC-310, SC-740 and the MC-3500 are the prominent chambers with the Irish market. 

The range of Stormtech chambers have gain BBA, CSTB, DiBT, AASHTO, ASTM Certification during this time. They have demonstrated their high loading capacity and can be used under roads, carparks, and commercial parks.

An integral part of the innovative design in the addition of the StormTech Isolator Row which enables the inexpensive removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal and provides easy access and maintenance.

Why not try our StormTech Design Tool and do the high level design on our own system today?

Stormtech has well over ten thousand chamber systems in service throughout the world. All StormTech chambers are designed to meet the most stringent industry performance standards for superior structural integrity. The StormTech system is designed primarily to be used under car parks, roadways and heavy earth loads saving valuable land and protecting water resources for commercial and municipal applications.

Resolute Engineering Group Ltd offer a Engineers Ireland accredited CPD on Sustainable Urban Drainage Design and would be delighted to provide assistance on any attenuation project.


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