Our design team has over a decade of experience with the PV industry in Ireland. We are currently delivering both residential and commercial projects all over Ireland.

We are not limited to the standard PV products that are the market and pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions for our clients such as Green roof mounting systems, A fire Class PV Panels and Façade mounted PV.  

Through the use of our Software packages we can offer accurate payback analysis and Glare Analysis report that comply with FAA standards.  

Residential Estates 

PV has become a familiar sight on housing estates and apartment buildings across Ireland. Resolute Engineering Group has tailored a package to cater to this market which leads to an efficiency  

Retrofitting PV 

There is really is no better time to considering retrofitting PV in Ireland. The ROI on PV is far better than that offered by any bank on a deposit account and the Irish Government through the SEAI offer a wide range of supports and grants.  

There are numerous supports for Solar PV in Ireland currently:

  • the SEAI retrofit grant for system from 1kWp to 4kWp and providing grants from €900 to €3000
  • The ACA allowance which allows entities that pay corporation tax in Ireland to deduct the full cost of the equipment from their profits in the year of purchase. As a result, the reduction in tax paid by the organisation in that year is currently 12.5% of the value of capital expenditure.
  • TAMS Grants for farmers 
  • Better Energy Community grants.
  • Exceed Grant. The EXEED grant scheme is designed for organisations who are planning an energy investment project. The EXEED Grant Scheme provides grant support of up to €500,000 per year.

Why not contact our team and discuss your options? contact us solar@resolutegroup.ie 

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