Pollutant Traps 


 The 3P HydroShark® Advanced Hydrodynamic Particle Separator removes suspended solids (TSS) from the stormwater runoff within SUDS Treatment Trains. This patented and tested Proprietary Treatment Device protects surface water and groundwater infiltration systems.  This device meets and exceeds all German stormwater treatment standards under DWA M153 D24 and D25. Tested to DiBT.  It can be used on-line or off-line, and with or without an external by-pass unit.  

How the advanced hydrodynamic particle separator works 

  1. The incoming storm water is deflected into a radial flow pattern, a swirl separation technology. 
  1. Solids settle down into the sludge chamber, floatables are retained at the surface. 
  1. Solids are retained in the sludge chamber below the treatment chamber. Remobilisation of retained solids is not possible, flow baffles and an isolation grill prevent this. Test data proves this. 
  1. Cleaned water flows up the outer chamber in an even flow distribution.  Because of the toothed weir, the Sharks teeth ensure no short circuit pathways are possible. 
  1. Water flows evenly over the toothed balancing weir to the annular space surrounding the treatment chamber.  The absence of one outlet pipe from the treatment chamber room prevents preferential pathways being generated within the treatment zone, even at high flows. 
  1. Clean treated storm water passes over the teeth to the outlet collection channel, and discharges to the water environment or the next SUDS Treatment Train stage. 

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